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Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council

The Recycling and Waste Collection Service is changing!

From 4th July 2016, the current service will be replaced by a new weekly recycling service. The new service is made up of 3 boxes and will replace the current bag-based system. This will make storage of recyclable materials easier for residents as the boxes will be emptied more often and will stack taking up less room.

What will the new service look like?

Red Box: Metal and Plastic Bottles
Tins, cans and aerosols and all types of plastic bottles from empty shampoo bottles to plastic milk bottles will go in the red box.

Green Box: Glass and Cardboard
Empty glass jars, glass bottles and cardboard will go in the green box. If your glass bottles have aluminium lids, these can be left on as the aluminium can be processed and sold on. Cardboard should be flattened and broken down to prevent delays to crews.

Blue Box: Paper, Batteries, Small Appliances and Textiles
All types of paper including envelopes with windows can be put in your blue box. Batteries can be put in a sandwich bag and small appliances (small enough to fit in a carrier bag) can be collected too. Textiles and clothing are also collected and recycled or sent for reuse.

Food Waste
Green food caddies will still be collected each week. Liners are available for containers — just tie your last bag to the handle and our crew will leave a new roll of bags for you.

Garden and Non-recyclable Waste
Brown and grey bins will be collected fortnightly on alternate weeks.

Why is the service changing?

Recycling and composting waste is cheaper than disposal in landfill. By introducing a system that is simpler we hope residents will recycle a higher proportion of their waste. This will reduce the costs passed on to residents through council tax by reducing the amount of waste sent for incineration or to landfill. All councils also have a statutory duty to recycle, with government targets requiring at least 55% of waste to be recycled by 2020. The new service will make it easier for Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council to meet these objectives.

Your current collection day is likely to change but don't worry — we will send details of any changes to all properties in June. We are also holding a number of information events across the borough in the run up to the service change. Keep an eye out on our Twitter page (@nbcrecycling) for an event near you and come along if you have any questions.

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