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Prayer Requests

We believe in the power of prayer in our own lives and in the corporate life of our Church. We believe that prayer is a vital part of our relationship with God where our lives are 'in tune' with God through the power of the Holy Spirit. Our Prayer Ministry is available to any in the community who would like Church members to pray for them. See the Contact page for prayer requests.

You can share in a prayer each day by bookmarking this page. You can also access this directly from the Methodist Church Website by using this link.

Prayer of the day

All creation blesses you, O Lord. Exiles offer you worship. Pilgrims hallow your name. Saints adore you. Humanity offers its praise. And we your servants lift our hearts and voices to you in joy and thanksgiving. Amen.

Teresa of Avila (1515-1582)

Gracious God,
you are almighty and greater than anything we can imagine,
and yet you are a friend and closer to us than every breath we take.
You are forever generous
and there are no boundaries to your love.
In a world that is forever changing, you remain constant.
Help us to remain firm in you.
As your people, may we seek to build each other up.
May walking together strengthen our pilgrimage,
trusting in Christ's name, and by the power of the Spirit. Amen.

Paul Davis, Lancashire District Chair

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