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Halmer End Methodists

Halmer End is an historic mining village on the Staffordshire Cheshire Border. At the heart of the village is Halmer End Methodist Church. This Church has been a Christian worship centre for Halmer End for 150 years and offers worshippers, old and new, a warm friendly welcome and heart felt worship led by Ministers of the Circuit and Local Preachers. On occasions, the members of the Church provide worship in their own style. 

You will be guaranteed a sincere welcome, enjoy fellowship and friendship in worship and conversation and laughter afterwards during coffee. Why not come and experience the Halmer End welcome for yourself. We want this website to be a source of information and support for:

  • the local community (over 60 children and dozens of adults use the church every week for clubs and group activities)
  • visitors and tourists (this is an attractive village with lovely walks and spectacular views)
  • our regular congregation (this is a small but very busy little church)

Halmer End Methodist Church
High Street, Halmer End,

Opposite to the Halmer End Fish Bar!

Car Parking — parking is normally available in the High Street near to the Church or on the small car park opposite. For big events the Church makes special arrangements for parking. All visitors to the Church are asked to please show consideration to local residents and, in particular, not to park on the access road to the row of terraced houses above the Minnie Pit Memorial Garden.

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