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When a friend or relative dies, the first few hours and days can be deeply confusing. Our minister can help you in those early stages with practical advice and pastoral support whether your family has a church affiliation or not.

Funeral arrangements

You will find that the professionals in hospitals, doctors' surgeries, coroners' offices, register offices etc. will be helpful in taking you step-by-step through the processes you should follow. At some stage you will need to appoint a funeral director (although this is not a legal requirement).

At any stage, as someone is dying or after someone has died, please feel able to contact our who is available to conduct funerals in Halmer End Methodist Church or at local crematoria and cemeteries.

Death marks the close of an earthly life, and the funeral is an opportunity for friends and family to gather together to share their memories and all the complex feelings that attend the death of someone who has been a central part of their lives.

During the service the minister will bring the person to mind in the way you would wish, all the while reminding us all of the deep love of God that stays with us even through death.

Continuing pastoral care

Our minister is here afterwards to support, comfort and link together both grief and hope. The minister will arrange to visit you soon after the funeral if you will be in the area. The minister and the church community continue to be concerned for you in the days, weeks and months or years following your bereavement. If your experience of bereavement has raised any questions of faith, or if you need ongoing support, please do not hesitate to contact the minister at any time. You will always be welcome to draw strength from worship at Halmer End.

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