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Work has been ongoing for many months to develop the Minnie Pit Heritage Site in Halmer End Village at the site of one of the Minnie Pit Shafts.

A tree has been planted on the site for each of the 156 victims of the disaster which occurred on 12th January 1918.

There is a continuing need for maintenance of the site and much additional work to be done to complete the design of the Heritage Site as funds permit.

The working group have been encouraged by military veterans in Staffordshire who have volunteered to help with the maintenance of the site.

The first visit of 4 veterans was on Thursday the 11th November 2021 when they joined local workers at the site. The veterans have offered to visit regularly to help with the maintenance work.

On Thursday 11th November all work stopped at 11.00 am as the veterans led the group in an Act of Remembrance around the Disaster Memorial as all shared in the national 2 minute silence for all who died in the wars. This was an appropriate time to also remember the miners who died in the Minnie Pit during the first World War and their families.

Pictures of the Remembrance and work on the site are displayed.

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