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An Advent Greeting

9th December 2021: Webteam
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An Advent Greeting from Andy Frost of Share Jesus International

Dear friends,

It's an amazing thought that God wants to make his presence known.

Throughout history God has been revealing himself – through creation and dreams and angelic encounters and even a talking donkey. The Israelites had the Tabernacle and then the Temple as a physical reminder that God was present. That he was with them. But I wonder if they sometimes took it for granted?

My kids are presently preparing for 'covid secure' nativity plays at school and at church. They are donning the blue 'Mary' sheet and the sparkly angel outfits. For me, this season of Advent is one of the most powerful cultural reminders that God is present. Quoting the prophet Isaiah, Mathew makes the connection that Jesus will be called Emmanuel. God. With. Us.

And yet I wonder if I sometimes take this for granted?

Sometimes our nativity plays can feel a bit sanitised and nice. I can lose the reality that after 400 years of silence, God was breaking into the mess of human history, making himself present.

And more than that, he is present here and now in my life. In our lives.

As we move towards Christmas, let's not take the great miracle of the incarnation for granted.

Let's make space to wait upon God. To welcome his presence. To ask him to make us more aware of his presence.

Enjoy this season of Advent!

God bless,

Copyright © 2021 Share Jesus International, All rights reserved. Published with permission.

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