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Christmas Shoeboxes

11th December 2021: Webteam
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Wow what an operation!
You can see the items that were being gathered together for assembly into shoeboxes for deprived children in various part of the world and in the UK.

This year an amazing team of volunteers filled 330 shoeboxes for children and 46 homeboxes for Mums.

This year has been a very difficult year for most people and so it was very encouraging to see the amount of gifts which people had supplied to go into the shoeboxes.

Where do your shoeboxes go?
The boxes from Halmer End Methodist Church go to Teams4U and they are then distributed.

From across the UK, shoebox gifts will travel to orphanages in Belarus; and to deprived communities in Bosnia, Georgia, Romania and Moldova.

Shoebox gifts are given to people forced to leave their homes through decades long (and often out of sight of media interest) conflict; to those without homes; to children who have lost parents or been abandoned; and to those who face intense discrimination in their own countries, forcing them to live on the outskirts of their societies.

More information about the work of Teams4U can be found on their web site here.

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